Since its inception, the Foundation, which is still led by Lester T. Sunderland's descendants, has focused on supporting construction projects, awarding grants to nonprofits in the Kansas City region and other markets traditionally served by the Ash Grove Cement Company.  Grants are awarded in Western Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Western Iowa, Idaho, Central Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington, Utah and Montana. 


The Foundation generally awards grants to larger, well-established nonprofit organizations.  In addition:

  • The Foundation does not award grants for annual operating expenses.

  • The Foundation does not award grants for programs or endowments.

  • The Foundation does not award grants or provide sponsorship for special events.

  • Grants to primary and secondary schools are generally not considered.

  • No grants are made to individuals.

  • No scholarships are available from the foundation.


Due to the nature of our grant-making, we will need as much information as you can provide about your organization's construction project for consideration.  Incomplete applications will not reach our Board of Trustees until all required materials and information have been submitted.  

All grant requests should be submitted in writing, and proposals should include the following:

  1. A cover letter with a brief description of the project, including contact information of the applicant.

  2. A longer, clearly stated description of the project for which funds are being requested, including program goals and objectives, documentation of need and expected outcomes.

  3. A brief background on the proposing organization or agency.

  4. A detailed expense budget for the project indicating how the funds would be spent and over what time period.

  5. An income statement showing other sources of project support, public and/or private, which have been or will be solicited, including a statement of funds that have been received or pledged to date.

  6. A financial plan showing how the project will be supported beyond the grant period.

  7. An explanation of the organization's governance structure, including the organization's current board of directors or trustees and their terms of office.

  8. A copy of the organization's most recent 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt ruling from the IRS.

  9. The organization's most recent certified audit or audited financial statement, where applicable.


Proposals should be submitted by mail to the following address:

Attention: Randy Vance President
The Sunderland Foundation
5700 West 112th Street, Suite 320
Overland Park, Kansas 66211