In recent grant cycles, the Board of Trustees has awarded the majority of grants in four broadly defined areas:


I. Higher Education

In 2018, the Foundation awarded more than $48 million to more than 45 educational organizations. Grantees included community colleges, private colleges, and public universities.


 II. Human Services


The Foundation awarded $17 million to human service nonprofits in 2018, and many grants in this area went to groups that provide essential services to youth and families. Grantees included a range of youth-focused groups, including the Special Olympics of Kansas, Habitat for Humanity, Boys & Girls Clubs and Salvation Army of Seattle, Washington. 


 III. Arts and Culture

Arts and culture projects received $6 million in 2018, including grants to the Omaha Zoo, Nebraska State Historical Foundation and the Eisenhower Museum in Abilene, Kansas. 



IV. Health Care and Hospitals


This is a growing area of need in many of the communities the Foundation serves. In 2018, $28 million was awarded to hospitals and health-care groups to build and improve their facilities.